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"The Planets" CD Cover The Planets -- Gustav Holst's Arrangement For Two Pianos
  Dave Dandurand, Piano
  Audio CD, $15 + $2 shipping
  Total Recording Time: 50:37

Gustav Holst wrote this piano arrangement of this famous composition as part of his overall task of writing the final suite for orchestra.  The piano version went virtually unheard until it was revived and republished by the executors of Mr. Holst's estate.  In this recording, I perform both piano parts separately, and then seamlessly combine the two "instruments" into a single performance.

Audio Samples of "The Planets"

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Track 1: Mars, The Bringer Of War Listen Listen
Track 2: Venus, The Bringer Of Peace Listen Listen
Track 3: Mercury, The Winged Messenger Listen Listen
Track 4: Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity Listen Listen
Track 5: Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age Listen Listen
Track 6: Uranus, The Magician Listen Listen
Track 7: Neptune, The Mystic Listen Listen

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Customer Reviews of "The Planets" CD

"True to the work, Dave Dandurand brings new life to the original four hand piano score Holst created before he even heard it played by an orchestra.  This incredible masterpiece encompasses every emotion the human spirit can endure, from the pure joy of Jupiter, to the threatening gloominess of Saturn, and the eeriness of Neptune, the sounds are pure and impassioned.  This is truly an outstanding recording of a magnificent work, and is a must have for any classical music library." -- Heather Stenner, former Kruse Elementary faculty

"Dave Dandurand's rendition of The Planets by Gustav Holst is wonderfully done.  His piano playing is sensitive and extraordinarily expressive.  He has done a great job on this very difficult piece." -- Merry Hulse, former Kruse Elementary faculty

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